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1920s Men’s Fashion Guide | Complete guide

1920s Men's Fashion

Fashion shows what’s popular at the time. During the Roaring Twenties, the United States changed quickly as big social and economic changes spread across the country. With more freedom and money, people had more money to buy the newest fashion trends that were spreading through the great mixing pot of a mecca. The first fashion rules that are still used today were based on the classic styles that were made during this time.

In the 1920s, fashion made it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy the fun and freedom it offered. For men, the clean cut look became popular, and many clothing companies chose to use softer materials and make the fits wider. Stylish formal wear became fully practical and perfectly fit. Men of that time looked strong in form-fitting suit jackets, three-piece suits and cuffed trousers with wrinkles. When sportswear like sweaters, baggy pants, jumpers and caps came out, people could make their casual clothes even more casual by adding a lot of different items.

1920s Mens Fashion
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Here are some tips that are thought to be important to 1920s style if you want to copy the classic looks of the Roaring Twenties in America.


Men’s jackets in the 1920s were mostly based on morning coats of the time, so they were cut to show off waists and a certain shape.

They were usually double-breasted and made of stronger fabrics like wool. They had two to three buttons on the chest, and the front jackets were sometimes cut off. For high-end sewing, the body was lined with silk. Even though lighter fabrics are now being used, this style is still the most popular one for guys today.

1920s Mens Jacket
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A lot of the time in the 1920s, shirts were either plain colours or had contrasting vertical stripes to make them stand out under jackets and waistcoats. By the end of the decade, pastel colours were in style, and young men wore cotton shirts with single ties and turndown colours.

In that time, short sleeves were still not very common. Most men still rolled their sleeves up on hot days, even though they are pretty common now.

1920s Men's Shirt
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At the beginning of the 1920s, everyone wore fuller-cut trousers with a flat front. They were usually made of cotton or wool and were tight around the waist with wide legs, though straight or cuffed legs were the rule.

By the end of the decade, tapered suit trousers were the standard, and men still wear them all the time. During this time, single pleats and side cinchers became popular, and designs and bright colours quickly followed. This had patterns like checks, tweed, and stripes in black, green, and grey. Men today can choose clothes that are loose or tight, based on their own personal style.

1920s Men's Pant
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Men no longer had to wear vests and waistcoats, which changed the way they dressed in the 1920s. Back then, some men chose not to wear them at all, and the ones who did wore ones with a lower cut and either notch lapels or no lapels.

It was trendy to wear slim waistcoats that fit close to the body, along with single-breasted vests that had pockets in the front. In that time, lower-class men would wear a nice tweed or knitted vest in a basic colour like black, blue, or grey with pants that matched.

Back then, and still today, adding a vest was seen as a way to dress up an everyday outfit and give a man’s clothing more options.

1920s Men's Vest
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Outerwear in the 1920s was usually darker, more muted colours, and heavier than clothes today. It also fit more closely. At first, brown and black were the most common colours for suits. However, navy blue quickly became the most popular colour because it looks good on all guys.

Overcoats usually went down to just below the knee and had broad shoulders and wide lapels. The most expensive ones were lined with silk.

1920's Men's outerwear
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